18 August, 2005

Back in the saddle

Well folks,
I'm back. I say this now as if anyone is still reading, but well aware that I didn't blog long enough to develop a fan base, let alone loyal readers willing to forgive this long interlude. So where have I been hiding?
Well, dosed to the eyeballs on my new meds, I've been working. I know I know, you didn't expect that of me did you. But in fact I have, I've spent the last 18mths in higher duties of one sort or another. Including six months as a LIBRARY MANAGER. Ye Gads! But it is true, and to top it all off I did it well. The staff all still like me as much as they ever did. The patrons still come in and use the service, the doors stayed open and all went to plan. I now however have a new Library Manager and a new 2IC, so I slip quietly back to my role as kiddies librarian.
This should give me more time to type up the occasional post, perhaps with tales of management to scare all the new graduates.