29 May, 2007

Welcome to storytime and pass the scotch.

Questionable Content (one of my regular reads) has asked the question "does the public library have happy hour?"
Well I for one support our new barmaid overlords and will happily transfer to any public library with a liquor license.

23 May, 2007

The God Fuse

Ten Things Christians and Atheists Must Agree on.

Is a fantastic article on pointless waste of time, a site I visit occasionally for a laugh. Well, this article is a laugh, but it also a well thought out reason why Christians and Atheists should stop acting like dicks when they get together to debate the issues.

I'd give you a synopsis, but this is the internet so you can just click the link and go there yourselves and save me the bother of typing any more.

21 May, 2007

OK, one last post and then I'm off

I've been meaning to do a post on the search terms that get people here to the ol' ADHD librarian, because there are a lot of seriously fucked up people out there who are being allowed to use Google without professional training or supervision.
Some are obvious,
ADHD is popular
so is
ahdh for some reason.
From there we keep with the theme
adhd + blog + marriage, homosexual and adhd, adhd romance, adhd christian man...
you get the idea if the search is ADHD and goat rapist I'm probably going to get traffic..

There are logical ones which fit some of the topics I've written on.
why did they built the great wall of china or variation on that theme prove my point about how stupid internet users are in this post.
And my Mary Poppins titled rant about my boss must confuse a lot of searchers who want to find things about spoons full of sugar.
jesus underwear is a popular one. That it gets them to my page is less a problem, the problem is why in God's Name (geddit) you'd be searching for that.
Oh and boring searches like rugby league. Stupid leaguies, Union is by far the better game.

bongs that fit in your pocket
is less common and to be honest I have no idea why that gets someone to my site. (remind me, did I do a post where I reviewed travel sized hookahs?)

There are a whole raft of searches along the lines of storytime librarian blogs or librarian career, which is nice and fits in with what I'd like to imagine is my core readership..
Then there are the combinations of my two topics along the lines of, books for adhd boys. I hope I'm some sort of help to those searchers (although I doubt it).

By far the most worrying to me though are those people searching aunties in blouse and photos of aunties blouse. I don't know what they hoped to find here and I hope they didn't find it but there are a lot of them.
Go away you sick Aunty Shagging Perverts. There is no incest related porn on my page.
Although, come to think of it, that's a lot of searchers. Perhaps I could up my traffic with a few (tastefully done) photographs of AILFS.
Don't know that I have a lot to write on the subject though. Any of my Aunty obsessed readers want to suggest something?

Where is the ADHDinsanity?

I'm currently playing politics on another blog. Now being as I'm combining this with my religious nutjobbery, I thought I'd spare my library based readers from having to listen to any more of my rants on the subject. With a federal election looming I'm putting a bit of thought into that side of things, so feel free to drop by and see it, oh and it's not all my work on that blog, but I'm sure you can work out which ones might be mine (hint, look for the post All Christians are Wankers). Otherwise, I'll be posting here still as inspiration strikes, but I wasn't that regular to begin with.

But think about the fun you're going to get if I get this thing off the ground. Someone try to imagine me sharing the stage with the Christian Political Lobbyists on Compass or Insight. Reason enough to support a group, even if it disagrees with your own religion and politics, right!