25 September, 2006

sometimes a cigar...

Well, perhaps sometimes not?
For those of you reading this who were not at click06, I'm aiming to get back to my blogging roots, with stupid stories of me being annoyed or annoying in libraries. But first,
The conference dinner was a fine affair, I drank, I ate, I danced, I drank, I danced, I ate, I got lost on the way home. And there may have been some dancing and drinking in there too.
The theme was Spanish, but my wardrobe failed to yield up anything Spanish. For a while I considered getting a bedazzler and turning my cycling shorts into a toreador's outfit. But who wants to see a male librarian in spandex? So I decided on a tangent. I wore a Cuban costume, well I say wore but it is more like I carried a Cuban costume. And then part way through the evening I burned my costume.
To those of you on the blogosphere with whom I failed to make contact, I apologise and hope to see you in 08. For those of you with whom I did make contact, I apologise and hope I will still see you in 08.

21 September, 2006


When I'm not at work I tend to ignore my dexamphetamines and enjoy the life I had before I became a drug induced productive member of society. The fantastic thing about not being on the gear is that I have no idea that anything is different. Sure I am intellectually aware that the drugs effect me, but I need to be on the drugs before that knowledge makes any sence.
So I have been a very happy camper, running around with armloads of flyers for the 08 conference. I'm perfect for the job because I don't care about others so I interupt their conversations and then ignore them and walk away when they least expect it. I call it hyperactive marketing. (look out for the next batch of stickers if I can convince people to print them before NLS. "kick me, I'm DREAMing which I hope to put on everyone's back)

Where was I?
I tend to forget I am two people these days. Mr Edward Hyde when I'm not on the drugs and Dr Henry Hyde when I am (somehow I never quite become Dr Henry Jekyll). But it turns out that those who know me have noticed because one of my NT collegues mentioned to me last night that I was talking like a ferrett with a ekky supository. OK, those are my words, but that was the basic concept. So all I can say is roll on tonight's dinner where anyone who is at the conference can watch me destroy my career with more misanthropic behaviour than you can stick a poke at.

mmm, perhaps I might take my afternoon dose today.

20 September, 2006

Dreaming 08

I have the inside word on Dreaming 08, the next ALIA biennial conference. Alice Springs, September 2-5 2008.

Dreaming 08


it's time to move on folks.
Dreaming 08 [maniacal laughter] Baby Boomers will be so scared they'll retire and let us take our rightful places at the healm of the nation's libraries [/maniacal laughter]

More Dr click

I just had a chat with a member of the click 06 committe, whom I shall not name, and I expressed the oppinion that Dr Click should be backed over in the car park.
Poor Dr Click has few supporters because I received whole hearted support. It seems that El Clicko (well we have a spanish theme) is not the roaring success that some delusional librarians had thought she would be.


Anyone who has ever read this blog, will be aware i have my own (unique) version of English grammer. Now however I am typing directly into blogger, rather than using word as a spell check first (because I'm being quick to get everywhere while I'm at the conference). So welcome to my own version of English spelling.
At least until I get home and edit it so my woriness is writted corectified.

click 06 - bloggers

I have just run into CW and some of the Sydney Uni bloggers so my secret identity is no more. Although I admit I was deluding myself if I ever believed anyone would take more than sixty seconds on google to work out who the hell I was (and even more delusional if I believed that anyone specifically cared who I am).
So bugger it, if I get dooced I know I can easily find work. I'm not sure how I'll go if I offend people for my posting, because despite my lack of tact and my ability to use stupid jokes to relieve tension, I am actualy quite adverse to workplace confrontations.

Still, I might as well start by saying that everyone I've ever worked with has been a moron who has annoyed the shit out of me for one reason or another.
There, now I don't have to worry, I've insulted everyone, so I don't have to worry if it happens again. After all, the first time is the hardest.

umm, I don't know why but I feel like typing nudge nudge.

And to celibrate this new found liberation, I have found a very poor quality, out of date, photo of myself (with a giant dog) so everyone can try and work out if they were right about me being, well, me being me. If you know what I mean.

Doctor Click Must DIE

For those of you not currently sitting in Perth WA, this may be an odd way to start a blog. But...
Dr Click is the mascot of the conference. And I use the term lightly, Matilda the giant winking Kangaroo seems like the hight of sophistication and subtlety when compared to Dr Click.
Dr click is (imagine if you will) a middle aged librarian in a five year old's Zorro costume. Speaking in an accent which compares unfavourably to a Bavarian with throat cancer (she claims it is spanish).
Dr Click's role would appear to be to generate a mixture of pity laughs and disbelieving groans while distracting deligates from the general conference announcements. You know the stuff, would everyone please turn off zee mobileeee foonz unt goo to converenze ruum nine for zee drinky poos.
And to be frank I am considering getting up on stage with a bullwhip and going all Dr Jones.
Oh, and I do have a bull whip with me at the conference!

post I submited to blog the conf

I've just been in Prof Jayarani Raju's session on finding a balance between vocational education and general education. It had one strong weakness for Australia in that she had written from the perspective of LIS being a postgrad only option (as it is in the US and must be in South Africa).

That said, it resonated well for me with some of the online conversations that have been happening with the newgrads group regarding the skills needed to launch into your first library job, and the inability of the current system in Aus to provide that.

I've got a lot of words on my PDA, which will be online as soon as I manage to crack the wireless system they have here. Otherwise I guess I'll have to wait untill I get home to give you the full text.

19 September, 2006

spot the librarian

I'm in Perth for the click06 conference.
So, I've rocked up early to the centre (for a pre-meeting) and decided to play a quick game of 'Spot the Librarian' and I must say that i'm quite good at it. Looking around the coffee shop I saw my prime cantidate for libraryness. But how will I ever know?
I thought about going up and asking, but decided that as a member of the committee for the next conference (there goes plausable deniability out of the window) I didn't want to make an arse of myself. I'm going to do enough of that during the handover session.
But my curiosity was eased when Dagmar Schmidmaier walked in and said hello to them.
Score points to me!

In the time it has taken to type this up, the place has filled up with grey haired ladies and men with bad tashes shushing in unison. Yes it's library season here at the Palace Hotel Ballroom. Plus I've just said hello to the first person I actually know.
Well correct that, I said hello to Dagmier but she obvoiusly wouldn't remember me. So I've just said hello to the first person who knew me in return.