11 January, 2007

Help! My chakra fell into my chai tea

Just to show I'm not biased, I shall now make fun of other people's faiths. Strange isn't it, but for most people making fun of the faith of others would show they were biased.
I know I said that was it for religion, but this has a library tie in.
I have just been out to the circ desk at the library to help someone with some computer difficulties, not an uncommon thing as despite being the children's librarian I am one of the few computer literate people in this library.
So the patron having difficulties proceeded to explain the specifics of this computer problem to me.

Gremlins (or greys, perhaps even 'fallen angels' depending on your understanding of the universal order) are intent on preventing people spreading the information which is required for us all to transcend this stage of human evolution and take control of energy directly (rather than via these fleshy antennas which are our current forms). people are becoming aware of the time when the universe will rotate and if we are able to understand this (and align our chakras to make use of this vast energy source) we will become aware. Whereas the negative forces are trying to prevent us from hearing the scientists who have proven this. This is why he always has computer problems, because he has become aware and they want to prevent him accessing the facts which will enable him to share this with others.

Now, he could have used the shorter version of that story. "I've put the document onto 175% and can't figure how to turn it off so I can read this matrix inspired, new age horseshit.

Still I did well (I'd taken my meds today) so I stood and listened politely and went um and ah and tried in vain to see someone eating in the library or running ore something so I could excuse myself.

Then, I went online to a library blog which told me that the third Sunday in January is World Religion Day (according to the Baha'i).
Now, if you think I can rave on like a nut job about my own religion, you should hear me on the Baha'i.
you see, I can accept that you have a religious belief (even if it is just Turtles all the way down).
I can see something praiseworthy in someone having gone through all of the ceremonies and rituals of an organised religion for theological reasons, or even for societal reasons.
I much prefer spending time with people who argue there is no God from a rational and logical standpoint to those who call themselves Christian by default, while not taking time to understand what the hell that means, or even without believing any of the teachings.
But where the hell does the idea come from that all religions are right. Because lets face it there are a hell of a lot of contradictory things.
If Islam is right then there is one God (and Mohammed is his prophet)
If Christianity is right then there is one God (and the Pentecostals want his profit) - no ignore this line.

I'll start again after that appalling joke
Saying all religions are right is like saying wet is dry or black is white.
You can say it all you like but it won't make it happen. If there is only one God (whomever his prophets might be) then you'd probably have to agree that there can't be a pantheon. Conversely, if there is a pantheon, then we must accept that anyone making a claim for monotheism is in disagreement.
So, to my mind, the Baha'i are like some sort of soppy kindergarten teacher (lets call her Miss Honneysweet) standing up in front of the class and settling the arguments by saying "you're all right" and "lets all be friends".
it's nice and you'd feel bad making fun of her, but in any argument we can't all be right.
Although - and this is important folks,
we can all be wrong.


Anonymous said...

About the Baha'i Faith, when they say all religions are right, they're not making it up. Baha'is believe in the copcept of Progressive revelation, where every religion had a Prophet andteachings that are relevant for that day and age. Ever wonder why you didn't have Jesus and Mohammad at the same time? Well, because the need of man was different for both times, or every time there has been a Prophet of God, and that Prophet brought teachings and instructions accordingly.

It's very easy to ridicule something we do not understand. Try looking at things from a neutral point of view and give it the benefit of doubt. You don't have to agree or believe anything any religion has to say, but to just sit there and make fun of someone's belief system isn't so nice.

ADHD Librarian said...

oh, boo hoo
making fun of other people's religion isn't nice.
It's everyone else's fault for believing stupid things.
you can't blame me if they make themselves a soft target.
(and in my own defense, I have in fact been making fun at my own religion a hell of a lot more often)

John Bryden said...

John. I find that taking a little ridicule is not so bad. In any case, the Baha'i teachings are robust enough, intellectually and spiritually, to withstand it. Turning to the point at issue, it seems you think that the different monotheistic religions worship different "gods". Rather, all are centred on the one Creator. We may differ in our understandings concerning the Creator, but we are in agreement that God is God. And may God bless you!

Anonymous said...


There is nothing fluffy about the Baha'i Faith. For example, Baha'is don't accept the idea that the soul of a woman is less than that of a man's. That is, there is "equality" of the soul. Not all religions accept this idea. Also, Baha'is accept capital punishment, but do not believe homosexuality is an appropriate lifestyle. Baha'is don't drink and they don't do drugs and they can only have one wife. They also believe in one God, not many, and they believe in a personal God.

So... my undersatnding is that you don't really know what you don't know, and it might be better to look into things before ridiculing it. The Baha'i Faith is a solid, non-fluff, real religion. There are real laws, and you can't think that "everyone is right". You can believe that all religions emanate from one place, but that's a lot different.

Good luck in your search, and stay cool.