15 August, 2007

He said it better than I could

Or at least better than I could today, at the moment I am in a bit of a brain free zone.
I am running by the numbers at work, uni has fallen by the wayside and ALIA 2008 stuff is piling up in my inbox much too rapidly for me to deal with it.
After rejoicing at the fact I was no longer El-Presidente of the rugby club, I've gone an been made secretary of the union. More work which I will fail to do or do in a half arsed manner, up until the point I turn the corner and become manic again and do it all in a week. Why accept the position? Well, all the other positions had been filled by members of one club and they didn't want to be the only ones on the committee because they figured that the morons from the unrepresented clubs would bitch and complain. Anyway, I ended up saying I'd do it.

So who said what better than me now?
Andrew over at Librarian Idol has a great new post about public libraries being free (you get what you pay for?)
He suggests "PUBLIC LIBRARIES - FREE BUT NOT CHEAP" as something we should aspire to and I damn well agree with him.

Plus, we're not free. People just don't know that they are paying to use our services (even those who aren't using them have paid somehow, somewhere along the lines, except kids and those who have never paid taxes, rates, rent... which come to think of it in this town is a large number of people.)

no words for this

I found it at http://www.kiwisbybeat.com/minus.html
(it is part two, but I liked it as a stand alone)