11 December, 2008

In Which I Admit I Piss People Off

My current situation is (as I believe I have stated) that my co-workers at my new job are aware of this blog. As such (and due to my inability to self-censor once I get into a writing flow) I have been reluctant to continue blogging library issues here. Sure I could blog personal issues, but I don’t want to be the new lonelygirl or I could blog theology, but as my current employer is a Christian organisation even that could lead to wailing and gnashing of teeth.

That said, I find myself in need of an outlet at this moment (and in possession of plenty of ADHD related library shenanigan stuff).
So, here goes.

At present I am in the midst of a big library move, my library has been gifted 16000 new items, which as a small library is significant. It has resulted in a lot of work though, floors strengthened, a wall removed, my staff all relocated to a new office and other stuff, like stamping 16000 items, merging catalogue records and stocktaking the incoming collection.

And I as the manager am responsible for the planning to ensure that this all goes according to plan. Yes, I need to plan things. Sure, I make light of this and I do tend to be a bit relaxed about things (which worries people).

How worried do people get? Well my 2IC and the building maintenance supervisor presented me with a timeline. A very good one in fact, so I didn’t need to do that. I just gave it my approval and worried that it was done because they don’t believe I could do it myself. It was however a very ambitious timeline and I did express my belief that it was unlikely that we would find ourselves living in a perfect world and as such I was not concerned with making these dates writ in stone. I have been pleasantly surprised however to find that things have gone very close to the timeline.

One area which has caused time to expand has been the lack of volunteers from amongst the students. Apparently there has in the past been a large number of students willing to volunteer to assist at times like this. Well, you see the place has grown out of an old charismatic bible college and that attitude of all mucking in and having working bees has persisted for quite a long time. It would seem however that it has finally died. Which does not come as a surprise to me as I believe that that part of our culture is dying across the country not just amongst the Charismatics.

Still, I have been given a bit of extra money to spend on casual staff and we are going along very well. Our extension is done, our new shelving (well a mix of old, new, recycled, reclaimed, stolen and mismatched shelving) is being assembled. I have got my staff moving our existing collection into the new area (backwards) leaving what I have estimated is enough room to interfile the new collection (which will be interesting, am I an estimator to be reckoned with? So far I am doing very well, but so far I have done but a fraction of the total so there is still time for spectacular failure.

I have bay end panels for standup OPACs on order. I have people moving our computers around to create some more shelf space. I have had new air-conditioning fitted and the painters in all at the same time we have been doing this. Fun fun fun.

But all in fact just how the ADHD brain was designed to live. I haven't minded at all. It has been the most enjoyable part of my time here so far.

But, it is time for you to play the game Could You Cope With Working With ADHD Librarian.
You see, my 2IC wants a plan of the final layout for the library.
Seems fair? You’d want one too perhaps?

I keep saying "I'm playing it by ear"
or alternatively, "I'm waiting to see how it looks when we put up the new shelves"

Perfectly logical (in my mind)
and in my defence it is working very well so far,
but I am aware I am pissing off one (almost retired) very long-standing staff member (who has in fact pretty well built this library from nothing).
So in terms of people you shouldn’t piss off, she’s at the top of the list.

Still, she didn’t want to be the boss (or so I hear). So she has in fact got me and my wonderful way of doing things.