28 April, 2004

Projectile Vomiting - latest Olympic sport dominated by Librarian

This was the subject line of an e-mail I received today.
And it is true, while showing a visiting author around the local area I managed what has to be my personal best. I went through 36 hours of complete and utter vomiting.
I couldn't keep water down. Now you may think, bad news take a day off work and let someone else give this guy the tour. The problem is we were 400km from my place (and about 1500km from his) and we had small children to impress with our ability to do writing and literacy workshops.

So the day went like this...

Hi I'm Paul Stafford and the man vomiting into your class' wastepaper basket is a Librarian (at which point I wave, then fall asleep in the corner).

At first I thought I was hung over, as Paul and I had been out drinking the previous night. You know two 30 something guys away from their wives forgetting theyĆ­re not 19 any more.
But, "I don't remember drinking enough to feel like this" is the cry of all blokes that next morning.
However it turns out I was in fact down with a virus, and I'd like to thank Dr Helen of the RFDS for the late night callout and the nice drip load of drugs she put in my arm to make me well enough to fly out the next day.

It was a great tour, and I look forward to seeing the photos.