30 December, 2004

little blue pills anyone

No, not those little blue pills. I've always been happy to be unmedicated, well since I found out I was ADHD. Before that I didn't know I was unmedicated. But the job is placing demands on my brain that my jumpy, loud, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh response isn't going to help. As such I've decided to talk to a psychiatrist about . . .

well about whatever the hell t is that you speak to psychiatrists about? I don't know probably about my father and my desire to smoke Cuban cigars. Or perhaps the affect my mother's feminism had on my poor psyche. Anyway I'm hoping to come away with some better ways of interacting with the world with particular emphasis on the parts of the world who are my staff and patrons of the library. My family, well there not going to sack me or write complaint letters although my wife would like to put my head through a wall on occasions. Like the occasions when I forget to. . . umm I forget what I forget but I remember that I do forget, bugger it.

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