26 October, 2006

where too from here

I once saw a courier's van with the legend "No Delivery To Small" emblazoned on the doors.
My recent lack of posting has made me consider what I'll be posting on the blog. You see, during the click 06 conference I was outed as me. Prior to that I believe only a couple of you knew I was me (and sometimes even I forgot). It changes things however, for example my rant about my manager treating me like a child will be funny and full of ADHD vs Librarian dichotomies. However it could well be considered bad for my career to rant about the boss when some of you know who I am and therefore who she is. So that story is sitting in post production as I try to get the balance right between my propensity for confabulation and my boss' inability to tell the difference between a joke and her arse being alight, even if I've just emailed her a link to a website which deals with the dangers of hindquarter combustion..
You see my problem?
Even that seemingly innocent first paragraph, when you look at it carefully, has the possibility to come back and bite me.
No seriously, look carefully. I used the phrase "I am a terrorist". I know, I didn't see it at first either but then when I took my medication this morning I noticed it. Luckily I noticed it before I posted it, unluckily I'm still ADHD enough not to care.

So what to do.
Well, the Hot Librarian has a post in which she lists some potential topics for her blog

Here's just a sample of what you can expect in the coming months:
1. My daily food diary
2. My health complaints
3. My musings
4. My daily ramblings
5. My take on current events
6. Some more musings
7. A smattering of piquant rants
8. Numbered lists
9. My inventions
10. My assorted thoughts
11. Self-portraits, shiny hair portraits, ass pics, bikini shots, diagrams of my daily outfits, detailed discussions of my favourite brand of shower gel
12. Partial sentences, incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, grammatical abominations, deliberate misspellings, words created out of whole cloth
13. Random yet thoughtful musings
14. Charming anecdotes
15. Noodz
16. Nude musings given to you via numbered lists - lists filled with rambling grammatical abominations, too many commas, and piquantry (what? I like that word better than "piquantness"- sue me, I have no money) with a side of rant.
17. Downhome folksy humour
18. Hot XXX girl-on-girl action
19. Talking armadillos (dilloes?)
20. A long treatise on the burgeoning threat of the coming world war when hybrid automobiles team up with the robots
21. Portraits of famous Amishmen, Masons, some Scientologists, assorted Baha'i Faithers
22. And more!

So perhaps I can join her and see how many of the things on this list I can blog about over the next few weeks.

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Nathan Zamprogno said...

I laughed and laughed when I read this post. It was nice knowing you.