23 February, 2007

All talk, no protest

For all my talk on this blog about the American gulags in Gitmo, I managed to meet the 'merkin ambassador this week and I failed to raise the issue. My 'I (heart) David Hicks' T-Shirt just didn't arrive in time.
Oh, OK I didn't even order one. But I did meet the ambassador.
He dropped in to the public library to say g'day to me. Umm, look I know I am given to storytelling, but it is true damn it. You see in December the embassy donated some books to us via the Joint Defence Facility at Pine Gap and it turns out that Mrs ambassador was on the library board of Atlanta ore somewhere like that, so she's a public library groupie (we get lots of them).
So, I said g'day thanks for the books and then sat back and watched our puzzled patrons try and work out who this bloke was and why the library had so many large men with headphones wandering around.

I did however manage to talk gitmo with the head of the Pine Gap base who had also dropped in at the same time, well I say discussed, I mean made jokes about but that's my style. I'm not sure that he quite knew what to say in reply, but I had fun anyway.

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