21 May, 2007

Where is the ADHDinsanity?

I'm currently playing politics on another blog. Now being as I'm combining this with my religious nutjobbery, I thought I'd spare my library based readers from having to listen to any more of my rants on the subject. With a federal election looming I'm putting a bit of thought into that side of things, so feel free to drop by and see it, oh and it's not all my work on that blog, but I'm sure you can work out which ones might be mine (hint, look for the post All Christians are Wankers). Otherwise, I'll be posting here still as inspiration strikes, but I wasn't that regular to begin with.

But think about the fun you're going to get if I get this thing off the ground. Someone try to imagine me sharing the stage with the Christian Political Lobbyists on Compass or Insight. Reason enough to support a group, even if it disagrees with your own religion and politics, right!

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