15 July, 2010

ALIA Access - filling fast

I have just found out that the ALIA Access conference is getting close to capacity. All that wonderful 'elf n safety' (thanks Boris) means that we are not allowed to shoe horn people into the venue on the off chance it may, at some point, catch fire.

But, at time of writing I believe we have room for 65 more delegates. So folks, if you are reading this and feel like you would like to come along and hear the ADHD librarian adlibbing like mad up front for the library camp (un-conference like, off Broadway component of the programme), then it is time for you to pony up the reddies.

But, if I am promoting the Camp, I should tell you what it is. Well, it is all things to all people. It is everything and anything, it is to conferences what Concorde was to air travel. (Fast, futuristic and potentially so dangerous you will never see it again).

Loosely Snail and myself had a bit of an idea for some adlib sessions throughout the conference. Somewhere people could drop in when none of the set programme appealed to them. A place where you could carry on the Q&A session from the end of the last session or where you could leap up, grab a microphone and expound on your wonderful revelation from the particularly lucid dream you had during the morning session.

It has moved on somewhat from that original (and may I say brilliant) idea. In part because the main committee (after having accepted our idea) recoiled in horror at the thought of what they may have unleashed. So, now we can tell you that we do have some scheduled speakers. Some live, some via the interwebs but we still have space for you to drop in and write your name on a piece of butcher's paper un-conf style.

So, if you fancy being part of ALIA conference history and making this new pleb on the floor driven camp a success jump up now and register for Brisbane in September.

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