03 March, 2007

More fame for the ADHD me

Up until this point, the only library catalogue record of my work was one I made myself when i was working at the State Library of NSW. I was working in ILL and adding very basic records to the computer catalogue whenever we had to send out an item which was only on the card catalogue. One day in a haze of undiagnosed ADHDness, I decided to catalogue myself. I got myself a barcode, put it on a bit of card and wrote on it some details about myself. I then gave it a call number and put it down in the stacks. It was a circ on the fly type record. So it would only have been found if someone was searching for me under author or title, but it amused me no end to know it was there.

More recently I received this email...

[snip] The National Library of Australia aims to build a comprehensive collection of Australian publications to ensure that Australians have access to their documentary heritage now and in the future. The Library has traditionally collected items in print, but it is also committed to preserving electronic publications of lasting cultural and research value.

PANDORA, Australia’s Web Archive, was set up by the Library in 1996 to enable the archiving and provision of long-term access to online Australian publications. Since then we have been identifying online publications and archiving those that we consider have national significance. Additional information about PANDORA can be found on the Library's server at: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/index.html

We would like to include the ADHD Librarian blog in the PANDORA Archive [/snip]

So now I am searchable as an author on Libraries Australia.

I wana be a blogger
I wana learn how to write

If any of you librarians out there want to increase my fame (awww go on, please I'll be your best friend)
feel free to add this record to your own library catalogue (assuming you have permission of course, I have learned the error of my earlier ways).

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