16 March, 2007

AHDH - fugby and rugby

I'm currently deep into an ADHD fug. that is to say, I am not achieving anything at home or at work. I need to sort out travel plans for the UK in June but I still haven't booked or renewed my passport (or applied for passports for the kids). At work I'm doing a great job if I'm on the desk answering questions, or giving tours to school groups (like I did this morning) no planning, all ad lib and all fun. But stick me back in my office and I stare at things then go off and look at the library 2.0 pages on ning and look at my blogroll on bloglines before wandering off to get a chai latte and a copy of the local paper.

I'm not sure why life is so vague at the moment, perhaps it is time to look at adjusting my meds. Come to think about it I had a referral to see the psych to talk about that six months ago and I just didn't get around to making the appointment.

But just to let you know that my life isn't all falling apart around me, tomorrow I play in the Central Australian Rugby Union Grand Final. Yep, this is where the ADHD thing can come in handy. I get to forget that I'm a librarian and instead I get to run at people as hard and fast as I like. I get to tackle people who think they can run at me hard and fast (ha, they think they're tougher than a librarian. Fools!).

Umm, yeah.
Well, I'm 34 now and this is going to be my first attempt at playing in a grand final for anything. So I plan on forgetting about any instinct for self preservation and playing like a mad man.
I'm still unsure of the best tactic for ADHD in rugby. Should I forget to take my meds that day and be full of energy but a little vague on which direction I am running? Should I take the meds and forfeit the insane running in favour of being able to remember the rules? Or perhaps I could go for a double dose and play like some sort of drug addled loon with no sense of his own mortality. So much to decide.

I currently have so much more to say, but every attempt to write it out is ending in me pressing delete as I realise I have lost the ability to communicate. Here's hoping it is temporary.


snail said...

I seem to be competing with you for number of comments/chatter on ning. Having to hold myself back from following up your chatters on other people's pages :-D

KarinSN said...

Thanks! I'm trying fo finish my degree in LIS (the thiesis needed some spelling corrections...) and has just recognized that I have ADHD (doing all the testing at the moment to get a diagnos). I have been thinking a lot about my job and ADHD and then I found your blog. Well, I'm a swedish librarian with assumed ADHD. I will read your blog with great intrest.

(sorry if my english i bad ;-) I never payed attention during english in school...)