02 November, 2007

My Drug Use

No, I'm only admitting to legal (prescribed) drug use.

My recent change of pharmaceutical has delivered some results which I am quite happy with. You might remember an earlier post where I expressed some reservations about the new drug (Strattera). Well taking it at night is much better. It has also been one of those things where the benefits snuck up on me (unlike the Dexies which were BANG WE"RE HERE about thirty minutes after taking them). The problem is though that I need to remember them every night or the gradual improvement is replaced by a gradual increase in me becoming the giant ball of 'oh look over there a moose. A moose bit my sister once. I want to buy some cheese. I have a spoon of my own you know. Spoonfriends unite. What, oh sorry where was I and who are you.
Strattera still has some of the same problems as the Dexies did.
Dry Mouth
Lack of appetite
the inability to sleep is less of a problem, now it is more that I wake up at the slightest sound, but at least I can fall asleep again.

The benefits are quite good.
I am able to stay on task for longer periods.
I am able to listen to other people talk about their life without spending the whole time thinking about other things.
Now I only do that part of the time.
For my Rugby, the new season kicks off tomorrow night, so we'll see how I go there. I'd like to be able to think straight when I play, I might only be a forward but still knowing where you should be is a good thing.

I have heard of some people on Strattera who also take thee occasional Dexie and I am wondering if I should talk about that with my psychiatrist (or if, being as I still have a few left I should just try it).

Speaking of psychiatrists,
one of those small town moments happened on Halloween. I was dressed as a vampire (after an event in the library I thought I'd keep the outfit on). I was sitting on a friends lawn throwing lollies to kiddies and a man in a skull mask walked past, lifted the mask and waved.
yes, my psychiatrist.

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