22 April, 2008

Where have you been my blue eyed son?

The ADHD librarian has been away, and spent some time as the ADHD house husband. However he is back now, with a new take on the world. Yes I am now (or will be in a couple of weeks)
1 – management
2 – in an academic ‘situation’
3 – in a ‘theological’ setting
4 – back in a library

Meanwhile, I’ve moved from Central Oz to Adelaide, changed rugby teams, had my wife start studying medicine at uni and had my life get more complicated in many ways.
So, if complicated = funny the blog should be back at its best. But one way or another it is back.


Tom Goodfellow said...

Welcome back.

snail said...


Sam said...

Hey - welcome back!

Nathan Zamprogno said...

Huzzah! Call me, lazy bum.

Anonymous said...

Very glad to have you back! An unidentified library lady in the USA that you helped.