07 July, 2009

The new 25

Following on from this post,
I have decided to once again look into what brings people here. After all, while I write mostly for myself, my giant sized ego is always pleased to know others are reading my work.

  1. adhd librarian
  2. books for boys with adhd
  3. adelaide librarian
  4. adhd +stream of consciousness
  5. adhd blogspot
  6. adhd careers
  7. adhd high-functioning
  8. adhd information for librarians
  9. boys with adhd books
  10. confabulation adhd
  11. dilbert cartoon adhd
  12. high functioning adhd
  13. how to get a job as a librarian
  14. indie librarian
  15. adhd genius
  16. librarian productivity
  17. librarians adelaide
  18. "librarians with adhd"
  19. adhd porn
  20. world record vomiting
  21. men are like children
  22. just a spoon full of sugar
  23. penny arcade librarian
  24. "after all, they can do it in a test tube these days"
  25. piss people off
Not in the top 25, but I have to wonder at these searches
husband illegal get rich quick schemes adhd

nude amishmen
well, perhaps not just wonder, but also feel sympathy and curiosity (in equal measures). I hope my blog was of some help, but I doubt it.

I am also happy to note that the top hits seem much more like they were aiming for my blog (or one like it), rather than ending up here while searching for something entirely unrelated.
Oh and a big shout out to Joanne Keleher (who was also a presenter at NLS06) and whose name still brings a few people to this blog. But while no longer in the top 25, stats show me that people searching for Joanne are much more likely to spend time on the blog and to read multiple blog posts.
So whatever you searched for (and however you found me) welcome to the blog I hope you find something to offend you.

1 comment:

snail said...

19 and 20 for the win, with 22 as a supplementary.