18 August, 2006

Child Killing Librarians

What is the problem with people who don't have a Library Qualification calling themselves Librarians? After all, the internet makes librarians redundant. Yet somehow, Doctors get all huffy when people without a medical degree call themselves doctors. But I can diagnose myself online and buy my drugs online. I have a friend who is an accountant and she takes great offence to my claim that her job is irrelevant now that people can buy a copy of MYOB and do their own taxes online.
This is however only a small part of the problem!
People who call themselves Librarians but who don't have the required qualifications are Evil Child Killers! So if you are running a library, make sure you check the resume of any potential employees carefully. Because they never put "I Killed JonBenet Ramsey" (sneaky bastards) instead they put "2004-2005 Designed and maintained a small library..." Damn these paedophiles and their insidious codes.
Yeah, I designed her library! nudge nudge.
It makes you scared to have a conversation in case you inadvertently claim that you want to sodomise infants.

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