31 August, 2006

pungent annals immorality

I saw this (hot library smut) a little while ago (was it on LIS news?) but a friend just emailed me and asked why my library wasn't included on the list. OH ha bloody ha! But then I realised that while all of the pictures are fantastic, this is the one that appeals to me. Which to continue the analogy, probably means that I am into the library equivalent of midget amputee porn. I mean the red leather chesterfield sofas and brass desk lamps are fine and I can get all worked up about them, but it takes a nice big compactus to remind me why I'm a librarian.


CW said...

So what does it say about me that I.. uh... prefer the red leather chesterfield sofas and brass desk lamps??? :)

Nathan Zamprogno said...

I see a large corridor full of compactors and, unless there is some other aesthetic in play, such as aforementioned wood and brass, can't help but to think of the total contents of the compactors distilled down to a small box with a 4Tb RAID 5 array. Am I missing something here?