27 November, 2006

Why did they built the Great Wall of China?

That, that was, during the time of the Emperor Nasi Goreng. And, ah, it was to keep the rabbits out. Too many rabbits, in China.

Give your kids the right answers, get them Public Library Membership
And you could get them broadband too, but that'd cost you while your public library is free.

besides which, thanks to me writing this post (and other people discussing the Telstra Bigpond commercial, I don't doubt that it is now possible to do a search and find out about Nasi Goreng and his rabbits.

For those of you who may be having a WTF moment...
this should explain it all.

I just got back from visiting our local private school (St Bearded Lady's Pentecostal School for young Ladies and Farmer's Sons) where I gave a bit of a spiel to next years batch of final year students about what is so great about the local public library, and why they should get off their arses and join.
I used the fact that there are probably sites about Emperor Nasi Goreng as an example of why they need to do more than just a google search. I also sold them the idea that our online databases are a reliable resource (in contrast to what I say to you guys here). Although, in order to remain true to myself I did tell them that a lot of what they want they will be able to find via Google and wikipaedia.
I did however try and sell to them the "librarians are better at finding things than you are" line. Because that is one I am down with. We aren't your resource for when google won't help (although we don't mind if that is the case sometimes) but we are ready to improve your search results, even when you've already found some of what you want.

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