04 December, 2006

The Librarian Social Scene

So, I already mentioned that I forgot my meds. Well, not forgot, I remembered them just as the plane left the runway to take me to NLS. I suppose I could have asked the pilot to swing by my place to pick it up but I didn't want to put him out.
So that led to a few ADHD moments for me. For example, while talking about the click 06 dinner I mentioned it being full of drunken aunties (I believe Tom Goodfellow originally used that line). I then said "I could have had my pick of any 50 year old there" that being in my mind a logical continuation of the drunken auntie thing. Me being the conversation hog that I am, once something works I stick with it (at least until my wife gets sick of it and tells me everyone has heard that story 1000 times. But she wasn't there) so anyway I had used that gag a dozen times over the conference period before someone called me out on why I thought they would want to sleep with me.
So just to clarify Dance Partners. We were dancing, I could have dance with...
Oh for fucks sake,
What sort of misogynistic bastard do people think I am?
I mean I might cop a plea to a charge of egotistical (hell I don't even know what that means)
I'm just hoping that not everyone who heard me talking thought the same thing, because if they did then i believe that any networking I may have attempted will have been useless.

And while we're on drunken aunties, (you see every wedding has a drunken auntie, but at a library conference it turns out that 80% of those there are drunken aunties) there weren't many at the NLS 2006 dinner. Sure there were some, but it was more - to continue Tom's wedding analogy - like that stage of the wedding when you start to find your cousin really cute.
(I just want to point out that this comment is for humour value and does not represent my life! All my cousins still live in the old country and I haven't been to any weddings with them since I was 7)

Also on the dancefloor at the dinner, I happened to mention to one dancer that her blouse had become slightly unbuttoned. My attempt however at telling her in humourous fashion however backfired and I think I was only one short step from a slap to the face. Still, it could have been worse at least I didn't use the phrase bodacious tatas. It is an unfortunate side effect of listening to Doug Mulray as a youth that bodacious tatas occasionally pops out of my mouth. Still in my defense it was a two man radio show with Andrew Denton.

I'm sure that there were plenty of other occasions when I made a git of myself, my dance moves for example, but the good thing about being unmedicated is that it is hard to be introspective. Still if you did see me or hear me being wildly inappropriate, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to make sure it doesn't happen again. Well, not too often anyway.

I mentioned the dance floor, well I managed to bust all sorts of moves. Now I'm sure that many of those moves were ones that had never been busted before and with luck won't be busted again. In my defense when footloose came on I had to go all out because as a young man Willard (Chris Penn) was my dancing inspiration. You see I could never aspire to be the cool kid from out of town (Kevin Bacon) but Willard, that was achievable.
A big 'yo DJ' to Kael Driscoll, who in addition to being a Librarian and a Conference Speaker is a pretty handy DJ. He certainly managed to get the right mix of tunes to get maximum dance libris happening.

Your best friend Harry has a brother Larry, in five days from now he's going to marry. He's hoping you can make it there if you can 'cos in the ceremony you'll be the best man...


CW said...

"bodacious tatas"??!?!?!


Now I am definitely kicking myself for not going!

snail said...

ADHD, it must be said, was a force to be reckoned with. All those who came within his proximity were inspired to participate in further madness. CW, it is my honest belief that we should gather together and kick you again and again for missing a top notch party with a killer DJ.

Jenelle said...

The dancefloor belonged to YOU! ehehhehe

Kael could've played that whole Footloose soundtrack... let's hear it for the boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

ADHD Librarian said...

Kenny Loggins Footloose
Denise Williams Let's Hear It For the Boy
Ann Wilson/Mike Reno Almost Paradise (Love Theme)
Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero
Shalamar Dancing In The Sheets
Kenny Loggins I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)
Karla Bonoff Somebody's Eyes
Sammy Hagar Girl Gets Around, The
Moving Pictures Never
Quiet Riot Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
Foreigner Waiting For A Girl Like You
John Cougar Mellencamp Hurts So Good
Shalamar Dancing In The Sheets (12" mix)
Joe Rappe and Gang Mama Says
Kenny Loggins Footloose (Finale)

Yes Janelle,
I do believe we could have just put that CD on repeat and I would have been perfectly happy. That said, I had been drinking so it is possible that I would have been on the dancefloor even if Kael had played nothing but Rolf Harris and John Williamson.

snail said...

Bugger, footloose was on iTunes. Now it's on my iPod. Oh well. Might have to watch it again tonight.

Jenelle said...

Forget National Simultaneous Storytime... we should start National Simultaneous Footloose time!

Because, I thought exactly like you Mr Snail... "Sheesh.. I should watch Footloose tonight!"

Andrew said...

If you liked the film and soundtrack, you may also enjoy Footloose, the Musical.

I have the cast recordig, and it's awesome.

How go the plans to make Alice a dry town...?

Rachel said...

I saw Footloose the Musical performed by a local theatre group in Brisbane a couple of years ago. It was great except that the male lead had man boobs that were a bit distracting.

DJKL said...

Thanks for the props mate, and you most certainly were cutting some serious rug that night. I'll drop by more often now I know that you are here...