12 December, 2006

Like a bucket of prawns in the sun

I'm Off
I'm taking a few weeks off to visit the family for Christmas. I've missed the last three, which wasn't so bad. Just the wife and kids is a nice way to spend Christmas.
Still, on the upside, while I have to deal with the psychotic nature of Christmas with step this and someone twice removed on someone else's side,
I get to go canyoning. Now there isn't a lot of time available, but I've got one day set aside and I'll be doing Bowen's Creek with Snail. A fellow librarian/canyoner who I thought I knew of through library blogs, but know realise I knew of first through ozcanyons.
So, as I fly out tomorrow (with three kids. Wife to follow on the weekend) I have to admit that I have, so far, only packed my canyoning gear. And I've packed and repacked that twice.
I do believe my wife may be questioning my priorities when I get home tonight. Still I think I can pack for a three week trip with three kids in one night (can't I).