04 December, 2006

Other Honorable Mentions

Here are a few of the other NLS sessions I went to which I enjoyed for either their content or their preventer's style.
Federated Searching: Is the death toll sounding for Information Literacy? Do we really want to "Google"™ our libraries? Libbie Blanchard and Joanne Keleher
Adapting Open Source Software to Benefit the Library: One New Librarian’s Experience in Changing the Processes of a Large Academic Library during the First Year of Employment Emily Barton
whY generation? Millennials as managers, or the future of library management Kate Davis
Freedom of Access to Information post September 11, 2001 paper by Matthew Davis but presented by Alyson Dalby
Also Managing the retirement brain drain: A case-study from the Manuscripts Branch at the National Library of Australia by Beth Lonergan, Bronwyn Ryan and Renée Shuttleworth was probably quite good, but it suffered from being after lunch on the last day and my brain had decided that I had been awake too much, drunk too much and trying to think and pay attention more than usual so i didn't manage to keep track of it.
Abstracts of all of these are available on the nls website.

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