02 April, 2007

Unattended children in the library

Incite had a bit of a go at addressing unattended children in libraries in the most recent issue. I read it with interest, but unfortunately found little that I could relate to the library here. Our unattended children policy (as I've probably mentioned on the blog before) states that no one under five can come in by themselves.
Well, you see these aren't kids being dropped off in the library as a form of daycare. These are kids coming into the library under their own steam. And we have had unattended kids (still in nappies) wander in off the street or wander in under the care and guardianship of their six year old older sister.
"tis damn hard to turn those kids away because the government departments who are supposed to be dealing with things like this are way too under funded to worry about kids who are safe in the library. They're off looking after the kids who need a feed immediately or need to be detached from a dog right now.
Oh, and the image here is stolen from The Onion.

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