12 May, 2006

Just a spoon full of sugar

At some time in my childhood my parents decided that they weren't going to spend much time together any more. (Someone without ADHD might remember how old they were when that happened). Anyway, I stayed with Dad. This meant that I became responsible for my own life quite early.
Somehow however I seem to always work alongside women whose sons (of around my age) are hopeless looser. They always then assume that I too am a work shy commitment phobe. I, in return, become snarky and settle back to live down to their expectations. After all, no point trying too hard when they've already decided I'm a layabout. Please believe me when I say always, I mean without exception there has been a woman like this at every place I have ever worked.
Today for example, my boss decided my desk/office needed a spring clean. Fair call, I forget things if I can't see them. So I put everything on my desk. So, how does the boss do this? John, tidy your bloody desk! (like one former manager would have said) No, we got stuck into it together. I felt like a fucking five year old whose mummy is teaching him to tidy his bedroom.
It was all I could do to keep myself from singing Mary Poppins numbers...
Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down
medicine go dooown
medicine go down
Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down
In the most delightful way.
Remember to put your barcodes back in your toy box when you're finished playing with them. Then we'll always know where they are.
Look what I've found. You've been looking for your favourite marker pen haven't you.

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