21 September, 2006


When I'm not at work I tend to ignore my dexamphetamines and enjoy the life I had before I became a drug induced productive member of society. The fantastic thing about not being on the gear is that I have no idea that anything is different. Sure I am intellectually aware that the drugs effect me, but I need to be on the drugs before that knowledge makes any sence.
So I have been a very happy camper, running around with armloads of flyers for the 08 conference. I'm perfect for the job because I don't care about others so I interupt their conversations and then ignore them and walk away when they least expect it. I call it hyperactive marketing. (look out for the next batch of stickers if I can convince people to print them before NLS. "kick me, I'm DREAMing which I hope to put on everyone's back)

Where was I?
I tend to forget I am two people these days. Mr Edward Hyde when I'm not on the drugs and Dr Henry Hyde when I am (somehow I never quite become Dr Henry Jekyll). But it turns out that those who know me have noticed because one of my NT collegues mentioned to me last night that I was talking like a ferrett with a ekky supository. OK, those are my words, but that was the basic concept. So all I can say is roll on tonight's dinner where anyone who is at the conference can watch me destroy my career with more misanthropic behaviour than you can stick a poke at.

mmm, perhaps I might take my afternoon dose today.

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Hoi said...

Keep that dose when you are back and, I shall try to get a seat next to your table, just in case. =) PS. Now I am at home, thinking what (and what not) to wear.