25 September, 2006

sometimes a cigar...

Well, perhaps sometimes not?
For those of you reading this who were not at click06, I'm aiming to get back to my blogging roots, with stupid stories of me being annoyed or annoying in libraries. But first,
The conference dinner was a fine affair, I drank, I ate, I danced, I drank, I danced, I ate, I got lost on the way home. And there may have been some dancing and drinking in there too.
The theme was Spanish, but my wardrobe failed to yield up anything Spanish. For a while I considered getting a bedazzler and turning my cycling shorts into a toreador's outfit. But who wants to see a male librarian in spandex? So I decided on a tangent. I wore a Cuban costume, well I say wore but it is more like I carried a Cuban costume. And then part way through the evening I burned my costume.
To those of you on the blogosphere with whom I failed to make contact, I apologise and hope to see you in 08. For those of you with whom I did make contact, I apologise and hope I will still see you in 08.


Tom Goodfellow said...

Didn't I see you drinking at some stage too?

ADHD Librarian said...

how dare you impugn my character by suggesting that I was drinking!
You sir are a cad and a bounder and I am calling you out.
Brandy glasses at twelve paces

misskrueger said...

now this is way waaay to funny for my own good. I think I've spent an entire hour reading your blog entries. I guess what I'm trying to say is: keep up the good work harr harr.