20 September, 2006

Doctor Click Must DIE

For those of you not currently sitting in Perth WA, this may be an odd way to start a blog. But...
Dr Click is the mascot of the conference. And I use the term lightly, Matilda the giant winking Kangaroo seems like the hight of sophistication and subtlety when compared to Dr Click.
Dr click is (imagine if you will) a middle aged librarian in a five year old's Zorro costume. Speaking in an accent which compares unfavourably to a Bavarian with throat cancer (she claims it is spanish).
Dr Click's role would appear to be to generate a mixture of pity laughs and disbelieving groans while distracting deligates from the general conference announcements. You know the stuff, would everyone please turn off zee mobileeee foonz unt goo to converenze ruum nine for zee drinky poos.
And to be frank I am considering getting up on stage with a bullwhip and going all Dr Jones.
Oh, and I do have a bull whip with me at the conference!

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