20 September, 2006

post I submited to blog the conf

I've just been in Prof Jayarani Raju's session on finding a balance between vocational education and general education. It had one strong weakness for Australia in that she had written from the perspective of LIS being a postgrad only option (as it is in the US and must be in South Africa).

That said, it resonated well for me with some of the online conversations that have been happening with the newgrads group regarding the skills needed to launch into your first library job, and the inability of the current system in Aus to provide that.

I've got a lot of words on my PDA, which will be online as soon as I manage to crack the wireless system they have here. Otherwise I guess I'll have to wait untill I get home to give you the full text.

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CW said...

Cheers John, it's up! :)