19 April, 2007

ADHD reprints - pt6

This was a comment on Tom Goodfellow's blog which was long enough that I shouldn't have wasted it in a comments box. So it is the latest in my reprint series. As for the year seven story,
well I haven't yet found the correct box but perhaps in time I will.

As an expat Pom, I have to say that I am appalled by the way people keep on banging on about the old country. Now this isn't just Poms, it's Kiwis who won't shut up about the all blacks, or Greeks who cheer Greece over Australia in the round ball game.
When my family stepped onto the runway at Kingsford Smith, we decided Australia was home now and there was to be no more barracking for the old country.

That said, I add my hopes for an English victory in the cricket. Not that I am supporting England (you understand) but rather I can't stand the Aussie cricketers. they are a bunch of poor sports on and off the field. They sledge even when they are winning. They treat other countries (and their people) like dirt. And to top it off they insist that Warnie should be playing, despite the obvious facts that he is a drug cheat and in the pocket of Indian bookies. If he was playing for any other nation, Australians would be up in arms because we're always the first to scream cheat when anyone else give a positive test.

The trouble is growing, in that of late I've been finding that I feel the same way about the Leaguies (come on New Zealand) and I would probably feel the same way about international rules if it wasn't for the fact that that is a joke game, so I don't care about AFL players acting like dickheads (they all are anyway).

All in all it is getting hard to support Australians in any sport and still keep your sense of fair play and decency.

Still, at least the union boys are learning to be gracefully losers. I just hope they can start winning a few and still keep the good manners.

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Tom Goodfellow said...

You picked a great moment to re-mention English cricket. Sob. Here's to a kiwi victory, they seem like a good bunch of blokes.