04 April, 2007

Who am I

I know you've seen them, proudly displayed on people's blogs. Pictures of the celebrities that they look like. Well, I was tempted and decided to have a look see. Firstly it gave me Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) I could live with that, plus Hugo Weaving - well call me Agent Elrond and Dustin Hoffman. Well I'd like to think that I was more Benjamin Braddock than Raymond Babbitt, but I know some people (my wife) would argue.
All in all though my Ego was pleased, so I don't know what possessed me to test the system further.
But I did. I loaded up a different picture and decided to see how the system went for continuity. Whoops.
this time it decided I was a bit more elfin than Elrond so I ended up not only with Orlando Bloom, but also the ethereal features of Liliana Dominguez and Kate Bosworth. What gives? It's a good thing that I am comfortable with my masculinity because this sort of thing could come as a shock to some people.
So to save my masculinity I uploaded a picture of me from the mustachioed days of November.
Well, to say i got a more masculine spread this time could well be the understatement of this or any other blog this year. You see I went from Lois Lane to Michael Moore. Does this mean that Michael Moore is just Kate Bosworth with a fake beard? Has anyone ever seen them photographed together?
I also managed to get Hugo back although at this point I remembered that he was also Mitzi Del Bra so I'm not sure if this is the improvement I had hoped for. Still, I also scored Billy Bob Thornton and I don't recall ever seeing him frock up.
Well, now it was time for take four, what could happen this time?
Carl Lewis? Umm are you sure magical computer, because I don't see it I mean, skin pigment aside I don't see a shared bone structure or anything.
Still, at least I'm getting away from fat hairy conspiracy nuts whilst at the same time still being masculine. I mean you can't get more masculine than Demi Moore right? I mean, we're talking Lt. Jordan O'Neil. Plus as an added bonus I get Elrond again, so I'm starting to see some sort of pattern.

So, in conclusion this is a fun internet toy which has just made me paranoid about the facial recognition software that is being employed in airports and the like. I'm planning some overseas travel soon and I'm concerned that computers might think I'm a tall black man or perhaps I'm a fat bearded leftie.
But on the fun scale, if you give it a go and you like the first list it gives you, well just leave well enough alone and don't try again it'll just make you sad. Conversely if your first run tells you you look like a cats anus, well it might be worth trying with a different photo because your second attempt might boost the ego back to it's pre damaged levels.

An edit, added for those of you who want to give it a try. My Heritage Face Recognition should let you have at it.
I should have linked it in the first place.


Tom Goodfellow said...

What site did you use for this?

The weirdest thing is that Carl Lewis doesn't look like Carl Lewis, which is just plain confusing.

Nathan Zamprogno said...

I must be thick. What's the URL for this site?

ADHD Librarian said...

You're right Tom. When I saw the picture I thought that Carl Lewis had a bit of Samuel L. Jackson action going on.

Oh, and I've added a link to the site in the blog post now.

Nathan Zamprogno said...

Ooh, I'm so original.