02 April, 2007

This One Goes to the Doubters

I haven't placed any match reports for the Rugby Grand Final. Which has lead to some of you making a guess and offering me condolences. So, before this becomes a trend, let me say that we were triumphant running away with the game 16 to 36 (I think) in a fantastic display of wet weather rugby. The wet weather was a bit unexpected in this part of the world, but then the river has flowed four times already this year. So after a season of playing Rugby in the high 30s (Celsius) we finished off in the rain, although the temp was probably still 30c.
I didn't manage to do anything superhuman or of particular note, but I played good solid defensive rugby especially around the breakdowns and did some good backup running in attack, which is all that is expected of a second rower.
And I'm the one with the small child sitting on his lap.

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