16 October, 2007

My Pledge to Not Suck at the Internet

I, the ADHD Librarian, pledge that:

I will never comment on a blog saying "Why do we care?" because if I don't care, I can go away from the blog. Instead I will sit back and have a good five-minute think about my life.

I will not sign up to Twitter or a blog just to write "I am getting my hair done" or other inanities. Every message I write will be entertaining and/or informative; e.g. "Getting a beehive hairdo so I won't fit under the parking garage clearance pole" or "I am on fire, please assist me." (Note: The latter is appropriate only if my hair is, in reality, on fire.)...

I will only add up to one application per month on Facebook. This application will not be a zombie maker, werewolf maker, "top friends" maker, or anything that serves no purpose and is not, again, entertaining and/or informative....

I will trick people into seeing Goatse, because that is funny and will never not be funny.

I will not comment on YouTube...

there is more,
find the rest at Modern and Awkward. Then read it and make the pledge yourself.


Lapa said...

There are three kinds of women:

the pretty ones

the ugly ones

and the blondes...

ADHD Librarian said...

I don't understand your comment. But I will defend unto death your right to have it posted on my blog!
Although I must admit, upon reading it my first thought was that there was a porn link in there somewhere. Imagine my surprise then when your blog appears to be about books (so far as a Google Portuguese to English translation is able to tell me).

Welcome to the blog.

Ross McPhee said...

I don't read blogs whose authors wrote about the minutiae of their lives. The only ones that interest me are either entertaining, informative, or edifying in some other way.

ADHD Librarian said...

Well, Ross
I am going to guess that mine comes in under the entertaining category.
Sure I'd like to think I was sometimes informative, but I can't kid myself into believing I am edifying in any way (much as I would like to).