19 October, 2007

yes, I have edited myself

My latest post is gone (it has in fact reappeared after an absence of a couple of years) after some advice from some people with more sense than me.
Much as I feel like venting, I guess I did that by writing the post and I don't need to destroy my own career by portraying myself as, well as more of a dickhead than I usually do on the blog.

Who knows it may come back later, or perhaps in another form.
I did once decide I was going to be very open and honest on this blog (and I like to think i have been) but I guess there is a difference between being open and honest about my failing and being open and honest about the failings of others (whose identity some of you could have deduced from the post)
Life was so much easier when I was a nameless and faceless blogger (it's all CW's fault as she is the one who recognised me at CLICK06, I don't know how she knew but I am apparently ADHD enough in the way I say hello to someone that it is obvious I am umm, well me).


Sam said...

It's difficult isn't it! I too want to be totally honest with regards my thoughts and feelings, but I can't because I am not an annonymous blogger! But then again, my blog is meant for family and friends rather than a more personal outpouring of thoughts and feelings. Perhaps I should set up another blog that is totally annonymised!!

Anyway - I did manage to read your missing post and sympathise with you. However, as a library manager myself, I can only say that perhaps you should not have taken your break quite so publicly! Nevertheless, I believe the response given to you was rather OTT!

Jenelle said...

In this day and age it is almost necessary to have two blogs - especially if you are using one professionally.

I saw your earlier post and what I liked what it was HONEST. It was you, totally pissed off. It happens and I am sure a majority of people would've read it thinking "Gosh I wish I could've posted like that about..." because I would say typing out your rant would've helped you deal with the ridiculousness of the whole situation. And also, while a lot of people would've been wishing they could've posted like that, it too would've struck a chord with many who have been in a similar situation.

It was refreshing - and I'm pleased you got it out because otherwise it would've been a pretty crappy weekend otherwise. ;)

ADHD Librarian said...

Well, when you talk about using a blog professionally, I guess I have to stop and remind myself that I am doing that.
I don't tend to think of the blog as anything more than a personal rant, but I am slowly realising that this could well have a very positive impact on my career (or if I go the wrong way it could result in my only career option being a job at Luddite University in the scroll department).

It also scares me the number of people who visit the site, sure a lot of them come because of some odd google search and stay only 35 seconds but there are a significant number of people (my stats counter tells me) who come back and read my lunacy on a regular basis.