31 October, 2007

Who wants to give me a job in Adelaide?

I'm moving on.
Alice Springs is nice, but I won't be missing the current situation in the library.
Still, I haven't done my block and told She Who Must Not Be Named what I think of her.
I haven't been fired, I have announced however that I plan on resigning soon.

Well, Mrs ADHD (who obviously isn't [isn't ADHD that is, she is certainly Mrs]) has just been accepted to study medicine at Flinders Uni. Yes, I will be married to a Doctor (in four years time, assuming I don't drive her so insane she throws me out).

So it is two years in Adelaide then two years in Darwin (yes Darwin readers, start planning now as bidding to have me in your library will be fierce).


snail said...

Congrats on all counts :) I'm extremely envious.

Andrew said...

Heya... West Torrens City Council recently advertised some children/youth services positions that would probably suit you.

(It says "Officer" but it looks strangely like one of those "We don't want to pigeon-hole people by calling them librarians" kind of organisations :-/ )