25 January, 2007

And introducing John as the ADHD librarian

G'day (as we say here in Austria) I've hit a bit of a peak in my visitor numbers (up from non-existent to some), thanks largely, I think, to Jessamyn West pointing librarians to my come together post (thanks).
But this sudden popularity is a two edged sword, so I figured I have ADHD and a two edged sword. Lets see what I can do!

Firstly I thought I'd introduce myself a little bit, I'm a librarian, I have ADHD, I blog.

And now onto the rest of the show...

Jessamyn picked the wrong moment to start pointing librarians to my site, because I've stopped blogging about libraries and started blogging anti-Semitism and race hate. Or at least that is what a couple of emails I have received tonight suggest. Let me clear things up, I was laughing at a few individuals who had written stupid comments on another web page. While I may have said 'Jews are Stupid' I do believe I back-peddled quickly enough that anyone should have been able to see that I was employing a fairly high level of irony or at least sarcasm in a pitiful attempt to catch your attention with a shocking headline. So, please don't email me about how evil I am (and more importantly, please don't email me if you happen to think that Jews are stupid - and yes I have one email of 'support' so far). Please, if you feel like reading my blog, try to understand the concept of saying things you don't believe because if I have to resort to using smiley faces to indicate I am joking, well I might have to kill someone every time I use one in order to demonstrate my displeasure. ;-)

Hell, at least the comments and emails I got about the Baha'i showed some sense of humour about the whole thing. And I should hope so too, seeing as they stole our bloody opera house and turned it into some sort of temple.

See, stupid joke again.

So for new visitors, check my back catalogue I have some posts about libraries and librarians in there. But beware, I don't employ such techniques as reading my posts back to myself to see if I make sense. Nor do I conform to common ideas about sentence structure. I write like I think but I think faster than I type, so before I'm finished getting one idea down I have started onto the next. This leads to a whole lot of fun for me but it could make your understanding, gentle reader, somewhat confused.

Still, I like to think I'm worth a read and if you are offended by my lackadaisical approach to things you find important (be it the importance of your personal invisible friend or MARC records) feel free to go stick your head in a pig.

Oh, and one way or another I'm happy to get feedback on my personal brand of full contact blogging on ice (or crystal methamphetamine).
So post me a comment, send me an email or perhaps even a p-mail.

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Steve Marshall said...

Relax, John. We may have pinched aspects of the Opera House (the construction cost and time over-runs come to mind...) but we, in turn have had our design ideas pinched by the Hindus. Check out one of the 2006 pandals:

Singhi Park - Puja '06