18 January, 2007

Skeptic? I don't believe you

The next in my ongoing series of articles poking fun at people's beliefs...
OK, I know I promised that it'd be a one off not a series, but I'm ignoring that.
...next is skepticism.

You see it turns out that skeptics, in fact aren't (skeptical that is).
Or more specifically the ones who publish eskeptic their email newsletter aren't particularly skeptical. that is to say, if you came in and told them that Christians (and the Bush administration) have prevented Park Rangers at the Grand Canyon from telling people about the geological age of the canyon. Well, if you told them that they'd believe you and they'd publish it online.
The only trouble is, they got the information from a press release issued by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility who are not skeptics but are anti-religion nutjobs (although they're anti Bush, so they can't be all bad) with an axe to grind in relation to American domestic policy.
You see, not all the dickheads are believers. Some are just as nutty in their disbelief, because regardless whether or what you believe, doubt or disbelieve you're a dickhead if you don't reassess your position occasionally and examine why you hold your position.

Oh and the skeptics have apologised for just accepting the press release on faith.

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