22 January, 2007

The Debra LaFave of the library world

Sick of seeing all those teachers getting their fifteen minutes of fame, Jennifer Carte-Priestley, a school librarian in St. Albans has decided to get a little bit of that underage action herself.
Now in my opinion, librarians are never going to break the stereotype of bun wearing shushers until we get some seriously bad publicity. I'm not promoting the idea of sleeping with the patrons, although If they're over the legal age wherever you are then it's your lookout. Sleeping with students is for Teachers, they've got that whole gig sewn up, we need to find our own particular kink and I think Jennifer may have it.
Charleston Daily Mail reports that school board investigations found she had an inappropriate relationship with male students.

Now, before you start to think of Debra LaFave or Mary Kay Letourneu, remember this is a librarian. Her crime? The language she used when she communicated with them via MySpace. Quite tame, but then we get to the sharing of Xanax and Maryjane with teenage boys.
Now, she's a school librarian, so she's managing to kind of combine the teaching and library gigs. My recommendation therefore (for non-school librarians) is to ignore the under age sex option and go for the drugs.
Hell, once the teenagers find out that I'm their go to guy for a bit of hydroponic I bet I can increase the usage rates for 13-21 year olds.
I think I'll have to work this into the new year's plan for the library. I'll need a budget increase in order to convert the store room into a hydroponic garden.
Of course I'm writing this from the point of view of a public librarian, but I bet this could also increase the figures on your people counter for academic libraries. As for special libraries, well, perhaps it's not the way to go if you're say a law librarian. Although the publicity you get for the profession will go a long way to changing stereotypes. After all, who thinks of librarians sitting back and sharing a joint with the chief justice of the supreme court.
that'll shake your bun loose.


Anonymous said...

About the Hayes Librarian from WV: here is some information very few are aware of.
1) The inappropriate relationship with boys was her giving them a ride home in the pouring rain after taking them to get food at Taco Bell as they requested. She did this out of simple good heartedness, and never even thought something of this magnitude would come of it. There was NEVER anything of any SEXUAL nature.
2) Xanax? Marijuana? Teachers are not allowed to give students aspirin, let alone a drug of the magnitude Xanax has. The day she was suspended from teaching she was followed home by a WV State Trooper who searched her computer for any inappropriate material and then searched for drugs. NOTHING WAS FOUND because there was nothing to find. Also, just so you know…Carte-Priestley’s license plate in WV reads KRISTINC. That just does not sound like a smart move…why- BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED.
3) The inappropriate language on MySpace was her blogging of her considering suicide during the holidays after her father had suddenly passed away unexpectedly and her younger brother had a wreck and killed an older man. In my opinion MySpace should be a freedom of speech- there was no cursing on her MySpace.
4) Ever heard the saying "No good deed goes unpunished"? Well this is a statement that certainly holds true in this situation. Someone saw money in this...Carte-Priestley's mothers car was broken into and a note was left inside that said "families see money in this". Carte-Priestley is guilty of one thing here- being too good natured, and trusting. One kids step mom has recently had a tummy-tuck...interesting hmmmm? I used to believe in justice, but after watching 2 students who skip school, have failing grades often and will do any drug they can find are believed before a woman with a 4.0 GPA who is working on her Masters Degree. Yet, this 36 yr old woman has lost everything and will never be viewed the same in her hometown. This is truly an injustice. Something is wrong with this picture.

Anonymous said...

Wow John!! You seem to know quite a bit about Maryjane. Maybe your employer should put you under the microscope. I love how everyone is putting their own little twist to this story. Its really showing how messed up the media is. Did you know that inappropiate relations to the Board of Education is considered any contact with students outside of school functions. Thats a pretty wide scope. Lets face it folks, our middle school kids are not the little angels your trying to play them as. Im sure the language used on myspace is no worse than what is used on MTV or what comes out of Mommy and Daddys mouth. For the rest of this junk, if it happened, why does the news say there are no charges? It sorta makes you scratch your head.

Anonymous said...

I am a student at Hayes, and the place has not been the same since Lil Carte left. We always knew we had a place to go if we needed something if 1 of us girls started our periods, we go to Lil Carte- not the office. If someone is about to get into a fight- we went to Lil Carte- NOT THE OFFICE and she did what she could to stop it. We went to her for so many things and its not the same without her. She treated us like people, not just stupid kids or students, she saw more than just another kid. I miss her and so does the majority of our student body. BRING HER BACK, PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

&& as for you know it all reporters here is some input I think you might have avioded, because the truth is overrated to you right? Do what ever you can to make that money and ruin someone's life just for an amount of money that's not even worth it.


1) She did NOT have any sexual relations with those boys.

2) && If you want to point the finger at her for the first teacher at Hayes, then I strongly suggest that you look into the records of that school and research all of the nut cases that have taught there within the last years. Just a year or two ago, you had the VICE PRINCIPAL throw a styrophome ball at a student. 20 years ago they had a art teacher accused of sexual pornographic materials with a female student and three years ago they have also had a alcoholic teacher, who assulted female students. && also there is an old vice principle from twenty years back and is now thrown in jail.

So before you even look at her as the only one, you must know your facts buddy!

&& she is the cleanest and best teacher at the school. You have no proof nor any reason to believe she is actually quilty, just some word from a little boy trying to get some publicity.