13 January, 2007

Mparntwe Gruntled

curious because of posts by other Aussie bloggers (CW and Kathryn to name two), I decided to log into second life.
And while I am not a fan (yet) I did just have fun. I wandered (lonely as a cloud) to info island, where I decided that I would sit at the reference desk (force of habit).
I then got a bloody reference question.
"are there any other self-governing groups like Neufreistadt"
well, being the kind of guy I am, I went onto google and managed to find the poor unsuspecting n00b the information he wanted. Well that is to say he seemed happy with the bullshit sandwich I fed him (and I was out of bread).
Bloody librarians eh?
I can even do reference work in other dimensions!

So if you see Mparntwe Gruntled around, say G'day
(it is pronounced mbarn-twa in case that helps)

1 comment:

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Soooo..hyperactivity comes to SL...great!

Is it OK for me to add your name to our List of Australian libraryfolk avatars?