24 January, 2007


Cocktail was a crap movie with Brian Brown and some Scientologist moron. It was basically about shagging women, but in order to get produced in America movies have to pretend to be about something else. In this case they pretended it was about 'flaring' or, to put it in simple terms, throwing shit around in a fancy pants way while you pull me a beer.
I mention this, not because I want you to go and rent that crap film on DVD, but because I am setting up a 'library flaring' world championships.
No bottles and ice shakers being whipped around, no this is about the style with which you slide the books over or under the barcode readers. The fancy way you flick the wrist to send the DVDs sailing through the air as you unlock the security system.

So, start practicing. The first world championships will be in Australia in 2008.
Waddaya say?

1 comment:

CW said...

Who are you getting to provide insurance for this worthy contest? ;) Because I am no good at flicking anything!