12 May, 2004

Born to be mild

There is a regular patron here, an old bloke with a chin covered with drool, a shuffling gait and the sort of deep croaking voice one associates with the undead inhabitants of pyramids. In short this chap seems older than Methuselah.

However as we are closed for redecorating I happened to run into him outside the library, near the carpark. I had a nice chat where he admitted he'd forgotten we were closed (I've told him at least four times in the last fortnight and I guess other staff would have spoken to him too as he is a regular).

So why bring this up?
Well, I took his returns off him, said "see you next week" and watched as he CLIMBED BACK ON HIS MOTORBIKE.
Now this bloke has trouble standing when choosing library books but he thinks nothing of riding about town on a little 125?????????????????

I was stunned, always picked him as the type to ride the bus.

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