27 May, 2004

Oh to be 15 again

We've got a trainee running around the library upsetting the staff and generally being fifteen. Having been fifteen myself once (apparently a lot of our staff never were) I wonder what the hell people expected of a 15 year old trainee? Did they expect that after two weeks she'd be a full dynamic member of the library team?
A mate of mine is a builder and he assures me that apprentices cost money. That is to say you take on an apprentice and they proceed to break things at a rate of knots, leaving the builders bank account shaky.
At least there is very little danger of that in the library, a trainee costs staff time in training, costs resources like a new computer, a desk and a lot of money in personal phone calls but with luck at the end of the two years you have someone who still wants to work in a library.
15 year olds however don't tend to want to do exactly what they're told whereas older (bun wearing shushing) librarians tend to act like the RSM of my old regiment and expect instant and exact compliance.
I've taken on the role of being the trainer for a couple of days and can say with pride that I'm coming across as the cool guy who is fun to work for. The down side of that is that I'm also failing to actually teach anything or get any work done by said trainee. So I think the attempts to be liked by the trainee are an indication that I'm a sad git with some sort of pathetic need to be popular.
Oh well I'll get over it,
Seems to me that the combination of ADHD librarian and Librarian with a Bun probably averages out?

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