10 May, 2004

My office now looks like a juice bar!

Yes, it is repainting time @ my library (TM) and the colours my office has been painted are lemon and lime, sure they have fancier names on the colour chart (tropical wild and flobadobba or something equally stupid) but I feel like I should be selling shots of wheat grass.

Still the place was in need of a paint and I'm happy to exclude the public from the place for a week. I told a few people today that the new paint scheme will drive me mad as ADHD meets the most uplifting colour scheme outside of a McVomits Family Restaurant and all night toilet stop.
They all rolled their eyes and tried to imagine me becoming more hyper.


Still on the positive side I cleaned my desk of 12 months worth of clutter, so when the removalists put my desk back I'll be able to start again.
I did however read that my desk is a mess as a coping mechanism for the ADHD, that is to say
"I fear that out of sight is out of mind therefore I fear filing things out of sight"

Thank God for ADHD self help books, they provide me with so many insights into my behaviour, trouble is that the ADHD means I couldn't care enough to fix the problems.

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