31 May, 2004

Caution, Lunatic running asylum

I hate to boast, but I am now (acting) 2IC of the library. Yeah me!
Wait, i don't hate to boast, I love it, that's at least part of the reason I have a blog!

In other news, I managed six radio spots for ALIA's Library and Information week although I apparently upset the archivist when I talked about the archive (I don't remember talking about the archive).

In ADHD news, Willie Mason has placed himself on an alcohol ban (good move), however since my last post bagging the poor sap, I have heard that the NSW rugby league gave each player $1000 spending money for one night on the town as a 'bonding exercise'. And I have to admit that with $1000 burning a hole in my pocket I may be tempted to behave like a twat.

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