14 May, 2004


Gentle readers,
I have learned a new word Confabulation, it is in brief the telling of stories (loosely based on the truth) in order to protect ones self from the negative aspects of ones own behaviour.
Having learned this word I felt it was only fait to admit to being a confabulator. Yes the stories I tell all have a thread of truth in them, but all are seen through ADHD coloured glasses. That is to say at the time these things were happening I was probably not paying attention, rather I was looking out the window at a shiny object. Therefore the stories I write are reconstructions, written as I try to make sense of the things that go on @ my library.

No wait, I've been reading too many books on ADHD. From here on in it will be better for everyone if you just believe that I wouldn't lie to you and every word I present to you is 100% total honesty (or at least a big picture overview, I wouldn't want to worry you with the boring details).