19 May, 2004

The library is all out of Waldorfs

Well, I just discovered that Steiner education is also called Waldorf Education. The parent who came in was so concerned that I didn't know. Still I guess that if you go to a school that teaches you to read and write then you miss out on the finer points of Waldorfing.
The funny thing was that when searching for Waldorf, I kept finding Fawlty Towers videos. I thought of suggesting she watch those, but like most Steiner folk I have come across she seemed in urgent need of a sense of humour injection and I could just see that it was a bad idea.
Wow, I saw it was a bad idea and therefore shut my mouth! I didn't realise it until I typed it, what a breakthrough in my personal development.

I don't know what it is I have against Steiner Education. As an ADHD boy you'd think I'd be all for it, but somehow it seems to bring out the nutbags. I have had many problems with Steiner Folk, wanting resources from the library, no correction, demanding them. Resources that the library budget doesn't stretch too. You know it is so hard to find a polite way to say
"if you sent your kids to a real school they'd have books there".
but I'm not about to spend my budget on sets of readers because the Steiner school doesn't have any.
Nor am I buying texts on the philosophy of Steiner education just because some Steiner parents believe that I should be spruiking for their cause.

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Sea Breeze said...

Here here..I am glad not to be the only person who finds Steiner people to be a little holier than thou attitude annoying. Trying to find successful steiner graduates other than Arnold Schewww....what's his name