25 May, 2004

ADHD is no excuse

For those of you who don't follow Australian Rugby League, let me tell you about this chap. Willie Mason is a footballer (rugby league) whose management have just blamed a whole raft of 'bad' behaviours on ADHD.
Let me just say Ahhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggggh.
As someone with ADHD I would like to say "I have never been involved in rape, group sex (consensual or otherwise) , I have never worn a T-shirt and shorts to a police interview, I have never visited a brothel or... "
And if I had done any or all of those things it would be because I did them, it would not be because I have ADHD and this is a poor way for this bloke's manager to try and win public sympathy for a client.

To quote Peter FitzSimons
What league collectively needs is to bloody well grow up. It needs all those in positions of leadership within the game to hammer home the following message: Guys, if you look at your watches you'll find that it's not only 2004 but the sun is shining, and from this point on you will be treated as grown men who will be held accountable for your own actions. No more excuses. No more perpetually acting like 18-year-old louts, away from mummy and daddy for the first time on your first trip to the Gold Coast. It's over. Too many people have loved this game for too long and built it up for too many decades to allow one generation to piss it all up against the wall in one go. So get the message or get out

It's at times like this I can stand proud and say I'm glad I play Rugby Union it's a much better game. Played by gentlemen!

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Anonymous said...

willie mason is a dick but not all league players r like that, union players cn b wankers 2, take wendell sailor and what he did a few weeks back, it wasnt too gentleman like.