15 May, 2004

vote one Irma Moron

Yes it is that wonderful time in the life of the public librarian. Local Government Elections, an occasion when potential politicians get space in the local paper by big noting themselves and criticising all the people they'll have to work with on the off chance they are elected.
At present we have had one candidate propose closing the library as a cost saving measure and another describe "worse than third world hygiene"
Now it is my guess that this man has never even been to Yorkshire.
I know for a fact that the candidates who have been sounding off about the library aren't members, don't come in here and in short are talking out of their arses!
The real pain in all of this is I'm not permitted to write any sort of reply to the papers to contradict the idiocy, inaccuracy and grandstanding of these wannabes. If fixing all of the towns problems was so simple you could assume the last council would have done it, so should these folk get elected they'll end up disenchanted with the difficulty of actually operating within their charter (and the law) and will end their term by attending one council meeting a year only raising their heads again when it's time to be re-elected.

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