20 May, 2004

Take your 'chain mail' and shove it up your...

There should be some way that people who forward stupid emails could be rounded up and beaten with rattan canes. Sort of like public flogging for those of us whose office mates and friends forward all manner of mindless drivel masquerading as public service notices.
In the last few days I have had emails warning me that those with HIV are stuffing used syringes into movie seats (scary lies) that Bill Gates will give me money for forwarding e-mails (greedy lies) that rapists are pretending to be the police and pulling over cars on remote roads for rape and murder, complete with a recommendation that you don't pull over until you've called the local police station on your mobile and confirmed they have a car in your area (stupid lies).
If I was to look at the emails I've had over the last few years, I can say I've had thousands of emails that those who forwarded them on to me should have known better about. Lets face it if you are sending e-mail then you have the net and can therefore check the validity of the email you are forwarding. Or is that just a librarian's way of thinking?
I have now taken to writing snide replies to those who send these to me and I cc it to anyone whose e-mail I can ascertain from the message as someone who has forwarded it on. I've stopped being nice because I figure if people are too stupid to realise they AREN"T GOING TO GET A FREE NOKIA then they're too stupid to understand a subtle reply.
So for those of you reading this who have forwarded on 'chain mail' let me say "you're a moron and don't bloody do it again" If you believe there is a valid reason to forward it on, because we your friends will all die from reusing our PET bottles
check a reliable source first, I use snopes it leaves my hair shiny and manageable plus if you put a link to them on your web page they'll email you $100 and an extra $25 for each person who follows the link and a free mobile phone once you reach 1000 referrals. And each month they give away a Ford Territory to a random user and they track your referrals using a new program from Bill Gates that generates money by turning binary code into a new polymer note need I go on?

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