15 May, 2006

I'm back, now where was I?

Where oh were has the librarian gone
oh where oh where can he be.

C'mon folks, I'm the ADHD librarian. What did you expect?
I know I've been forgetting about my loyal readers (how have you both been).
In truth, I've been trying to remember to work whilst at work, and whilst at home I've been working towards a Master of Business (Arts and Cultural Management)
Because I decided that I want to be a library manager again, but this time I plan to know what I'm doing. That said, I have recieved a new dose of inspiration so I am back again (again).
How long will it last?
Well that depends, if I can stop procrastinating about my uni work, you probably won't get many posts. So you can probably look forward to two a fortnight, all designed to coincide with another bout of procrastination.

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